Caspar Toornstra | CEO

Caspar Toornstra

Founder and initiator of this incredible adventure.

Former member of European Management Board of Liberty Global, reporting directly to the President & COO. Leading 3 main areas: a) product developmen, b)investment analysis & approvals, c)service delivery for all residential products in Europe (Video, Data, Voice, Mobile).

Huib van Doorn | CFO

Huib van Doorn

Finance and legal wizard and also in charge of asking the right questions

With years of experience in international law and finance Huib joined the team to make sure all financial and legal matters are taken care of with great precision. Huib being a watch fanatic or watchoholic as we like to call him is an excellent addition to the vison we are making a reality.

Douwe de Jonge | CTO

Douwe de Jonge

Drew the shortest straw and is now in charge of technical stuff.

Having his first world wide web experience in 1993 and before that using Gopher, Douwe loves everything about code but doesn’t know how to write any. Working in Online Media for 17 years, he has seen a broad scala of systems and knows the real name of most abbreviations used.

About trivoly

Trivoly creates next level innovative products that bridge the gap between functionality and style and support a healthier and more conscious life style.

Trivoly gives you all the features of a smartwatch without cramping your style. Trivoly is an ultra thin, tiny disc that fits under your own watch. Via Bluetooth it delivers all notifications, messages, calls and alerts to the watch you love. A light tap on your watch is all it takes to operate Trivoly and it can be completely customized with the high tech Trivoly app.

A watch is a unique and personal ID, and with 1.2 billion sold each year globally, watches are as relevant as ever. Trivoly brings you real-time tech to the watch you love without cramping your style.

Our latest product, the Trivoly 3, already came off the line at our manufacturer’s in Germany and we are now scaling up production. Trivoly continuously aims to improve both the disc as well as the app. We love to hear your suggestions and feedback!